why we are here?

Survival of planet is in our hands.

Menstruation is always related with nature. We pamper your uterus along this planet for the future. All our pads exist to make the eco system more healthy. Plastic free periods is the rights for all menstruating female. we consume the flower of a plant to honor your flow. 

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cotton flower from nature

cotton from plants are processed into fabric.

flannel fabric

chemicals free cotton fabric into cloth pads absorbs menstrual flow and helps to sprout the seeds in it.

pads into trees

tree seeds in disposable pads grows into trees with the help of nutrition values in blood. again the pads turn into trees.

our product variables

add on....

Why Choose Us

What makes us different

Buy natural and organic cotton cloth pads from us. We protect your health and keep your periods free from plastic and chemicals.

We have 3 types of cloth pads reusable, disposable pads for home use, disposable pads for travel purpose.

We use edible food products to absorb and convert your menstrual flow into gel.

our vetiver pads helps not just to heal menstrual cramps, but also absorbs chemical foot print in uterus caused by the plastic pads already used.

Finally a women is capable of growing 3000 trees in her life span with her menstrual blood. we have seeded cloth pads to make our planet more healthy.

save nature! save human!